PhonySpy App

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PhonySpy allows you to monitor someone who is carrying an Android or iOS device. It is a convenient way to see where a spouse, child or fiancée is currently located. In fact, if PhonySpy is installed you can use an Android to track another Android and also an Android to track an iPhone and visa versa.

Spy on Phone

How it works

Once PhonySpy is installed, on the device you wish to track, you can use app spy on text messages web interface to see a map based representation of where the iPhone or Android device is located, or you can use the mobile version, that is installed on another phone, to check the other phone’s location whenever you want to. As a bonus, any two devices that have PhonySpy installed can message each other without incurring an additional charge.


Each device on which the tracker is installed has the option to automatically report its location (from every 1 min. to every 1 hour) or can be set to report its location on demand. Whether or not the automatic tracking service is disabled, you can always force the tracked device to report its location at anytime.

Spy phone Lock

To get a current location update of the device you can ping it, which means you will send a tracking notification to the phone or Tablet using the “Stealthy Ping” feature. However, for this feature to work, the targeted device has to have PhonySpy ver. 2.4.4 or above installed. Other notable features include:


  • iPhone users can track Android users and vice versa
  • No monthly or periodic fees
  • You can remotely force updates whether or not the application is running and without the user having to take an action
  • The ability to send a “Stealthy Ping”, which will force an automatic location update of the remote device without the person carrying the phone being notified
  • Even if the phone is rebooted, PhonySpy will automatically resume tracking and updating its position when the phone is turn back on
  • Free texts between devices
  • Find your phone when lost or stolen
  • Force the device to make a sound even if the phone is on vibrate or silent setting
  • Track Android cell phones and iPhones as well from anywhere you can get onto the
  • Internet
  • There are no limits to the number of devices that can be tracked
  • Tablet compatible including Motorola Xoom